Business, Accounting & Taxation

Our business services team strive to provide assistance and solutions that go beyond the traditional tax and accounting role – to delve beyond the numbers and add value to your business. We form long-term relationships with our clients, wherein we become trusted advisors on a myriad of issues faced by businesses on a day-to-day basis.

Business, Accounting & Taxation

Our team can guide you through the complexities of tax and other regulations that govern modern business, in language you understand.

Our team can refine your accounting and business processes and financial reporting, which will make it easy for you to make the best decisions for your business.

Business tax & accounting services include:

  • Advice on the most appropriate business and tax structures
  • Advice on all facets of tax and compliance, including income tax, capital gains tax, GST, FBT, Payroll Tax, Land Tax, Stamp Duty, Workers’ Compensation, superannuation guarantee charge, etc
  • Preparation of income tax returns
  • Tax planning
  • Business and strategic planning
  • Preparation of general purpose and special purpose financial reports
  • Budgeting and cash flow management
  • Financial projections
  • Accessing government grants such as the Export Market Development Grant Scheme and Research and Development Incentives
  • Assisting with the purchase and sale of businesses, including due diligence and structuring
  • Assisting with succession planning