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  • 2020 06 StewartBrown Aged Care Financial Performance March 2020 Survey Sector Report

2017 11 Corporate Administration Survey


We recently conducted the 2017 Corporate Administration Survey and had a response from a large number of aged care providers covering 457 residential care facilities with 35,164 operational places, 12,972 home care clients and 15,395 occupied independent living units. Across the 58 organisations that submitted data, revenues totalled $4.8 billion and aggregated total assets were a total of $15.8 billion. The number of FTEs in these organisations totalled 36,135. The survey shows that corporate administration costs continue to increase at a rate greater than the increase in revenue, with a particular increase in corporate administration staff costs. Organisations are on average spending 15.39% of their operating revenues on the administration of their business. Further analysis on the composition of corporate administrations costs and analysis by different characteristics such as locations, net assets, revenue type are set out in the attached report.

Please click here to download the report

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