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Self-Managed Superannuation

Self-Managed Super and tax advisoryFor most Australians, super is the biggest investment they will ever make. That is why expert advice is essential. If you’re not maximising the significant tax benefits super enjoys, the chances are you're paying too much tax and wasting valuable wealth creation opportunities.

Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) are the most popular vehicle to save for retirement. Of the total money invested in the superannuation market, 32.6% is invested through SMSFs followed by 27.5% in retail funds, 25.5% in industry funds, 11.7% in public sector and 2.7% in corporate plans (figures according to APRA, August 2017).

SMSFs present advantages, such as:

  • Greater control over your investment
  • Greater choice of investments
  • Tax advantages
  • Estate planning advantages
  • Social security advantages
  • On average, better performance than industry and retail funds
  • Generally lower fees than industry and retail funds

StewartBrown Advisory offers a comprehensive service for clients wanting all the benefits of a SMSF without all the hassle. Our advisers work with you to determine whether a SMSF is right for your circumstances. If it is, we’ll help you through all stages, from setting up to managing your SMSF. We can look after everything, or you can be involved as much or as little as you prefer.

Our SMSF services include:

  • Investment selection and portfolio management
  • Strategy and tax advice, including preparing and maintaining the investment strategy
  • Estate planning and dealing with death benefits
  • Reporting and full fund administration

We can also advise you in relation to:

Tax deductible contribution caps
Non-tax deductible contribution caps
Superannuation guarantee charge
Work Test for those over age 65
Contributions for spouse
The payment of pensions
How and when to receive tax free income from your super fund

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